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A Force to be Reckoned With – Pathologies of Occlusion

In his article, Dr. Cairns discusses why pathologies of occlusion are infrequently diagnosed and treated, and how this can be changed.

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Improve Treatment Acceptance Using Motivational Interviewing

In his article, Dr. Sonny Chokka discussed the art of motivational interviewing, which helps patients identify and communicate what they value most in their dental treatment.

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Five Tips to Find a “Slam-Dunk” CAD/CAM Case

Marya Polan, DDS

Dr. Marya Polan, PDS®-supported owner dentist, authored the article “Five Tips to Find a “Slam-Dunk” CAD/CAM Case” that was recently published by The NEW DENTIST magazine. In her article, Dr. Polan reviewed 5 fundamental tips that can help dentists select the best cases when first using CAD/CAM technology. She explains that case selection plays a […]

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Case Study: Same-Day Ceramic Bridge

In his article, Dr. Patel reviewed the steps of a case where he created a same-day bridge for a patient using CAD/CAM technology for an esthetic and efficient result.

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