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3 Steps to Crush Oral Cancer: The Dental Team Approach

Dr. Cynthia Blendermann Perone, PDS®-supported owner dentist and PDS Institute® faculty member, authored the eBook “3 Steps to Crush Oral Cancer: The Dental Team Approach” that was published by Inside Dentistry.

Oral Cancer eBookIn her eBook, Dr. Blendermann outlined the impact of oral cancer and the three steps every provider can follow to help increase early detection of disease. The three steps Dr. Blendermann outlined include:

  1. Early Detection
  2. Collaboration with the Dental Team
  3. Timely Follow-up with Your Patients

The eBook includes additional resources for dental professionals that could help detect oral cancer and prevent traumatic effects of this disease.

Click here to access the eBook to learn more about the effects of oral cancer and steps dental professionals can take to detect disease.


About Dr. Cynthia Blendermann Perone

Dr. Cynthia Blendermann Perone is a graduate of University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and is an owner dentist supported by Pacific Dental Services®. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing. In her 10+ years of practice experience in healthcare, Dr. Blendermann Perone has been recognized as a subject matter expert in oral pathology and medical emergencies, and has had numerous speaking engagements. To learn more about Dr. Blendermann Perone, visit

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