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Case Study: Same-Day Ceramic Bridge

Dr. Dhaval Patel, PDS®-supported owner dentist and PDS Institute® faculty member, authored the article “Same-Day Monolithic Lithium Disilicate Ceramic Bridges” that was recently published by Inside Dentistry.

In his article, Dr. Patel reviewed the steps of a case where he created a same-day bridge for a patient using CAD/CAM technology for an esthetic and efficient result.

The case he presented was of a patient who arrived at his practice with a complaint of a broken tooth in the upper left side of the patient’s mouth. During the examination, Dr. Patel discovered the patient had a broken filling with recurrent decay. He also discovered the neighboring tooth had a cantilever bridge supported by a tooth with additional decay. The bridge was placed 20 years prior and the patient wasn’t happy with the way it looked.

After discussing possible treatment plans, the patient and Dr. Patel determined to proceed with a replacement bridge made from ceramic materials.

In the case study, Dr. Patel provides details of the treatment including the process of preparing the teeth, scanning and designing, material selection, and staining, glazing, and cementation.

To see the full case study written by Dr. Patel, click here.

Dr. Dhavel Patel


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Dr. Dhaval Patel is a multiple-office owner dentist supported by Pacific Dental Services®. In his 10+ years of practice experience, Dr. Patel has been recognized as a subject matter expert in anterior and posterior CEREC® CAD/CAM dentistry. He has had numerous speaking engagements, published articles, and more. To learn more about Dr. Dhaval Patel, visit his PDS Institute® faculty page.

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