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Commentary on an Innovative Interprofessional Dental Practice for 2026

Brad Guyton, DDS, MBA, MPH, dean of the PDS Institute®; Jan LeBeau, RDH, BS, chair of dental hygiene for the PDS Institute; Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP, cofounder of the Bale/Doneen Method; and Rebecca (Becky) Sorci, MBA, university & clinician communications manager for PDS®; co-authored the article “Commentary on an Innovative Interprofessional Dental Practice for 2026.”

Brad Guyton, DDS, MBA, MPH

Brad Guyton,

Jan LeBeau, BS, RDH, Chair of Dental Hygiene

Jan LeBeau,


Amy Doneen,


Rebecca Sorci,







The article was recently published in the June issue of the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice and provides the authors’ 10 year outlook on interprofessional dental practices.

Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice

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The authors outlined current trends in oral health care and discussed the future potential for collaborative models of practice. The authors conclude, “The answer may be the dentist-owned group practice model where general dentists, specialists, and other advanced practice providers work in collaboration under one roof. This model promotes peer-to-peer coaching, mentorship, and oversight.”

According to the article, the proposed model for 2026 would require:

  1. Expanded roles of the dental hygienists and dental therapists all practicing under the supervision of a licensed dentist;
  2. Collaboration with onsite general dentists and dental specialists;
  3. Collaboration with NPs;
  4. An integrated trusted physician relationship


(Figure 1. Interrelated components of innovative interprofessional dental practice: Commentary on an Innovative Interprofessional Dental Practice for 2026)


Integration and increased interaction between dentists and medical providers would ultimately improve treatment outcomes for the patient.

To learn more about the proposed model for 2026 and to access the full article, click here.


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