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Congratulations to Dr. Sambangi for Her Latest Article on Reading Radiographs and Dental X-Rays

Manoranjani Sambangi, DDS, PDS®-supported owner dentist, authored the article “Test Your Reading Comprehension: How Well Can You Interpret What’s Visible in Dental Radiographs?” that was published both in the September issue of Dentaltown and the annual Dentaltown New Grad Edition. In her article, Dr. Sambangi quizzed readers in interpreting disease versus artifact in a series of dental X-ray images, and shared tips for success with radiology in the dental practice.  Dr. Sambangi has been a practicing dentist for 17 years and is currently working out of her Chino Hills, CA office. To read her article, click here.

Manoranjani Sambangi

Manoranjani Sambangi, DDS


Pacific Dental Services is proud to highlight Dr. Sambangi’s and all the PDS-supported owner dentists.  Their continued pursuit of clinical and academic achievement is one of reasons Pacific Dental Services and the PDS Institute®  are leaders in modern dentistry.  To learn more about Pacific Dental Services and PDS Institute, check out the website.

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