Gaining a New Perspective on Team Management: Steps for Empowering Your Team

Ashley Spooner, DDS, PDS®-supported owner dentist and PDS Institute® faculty member, authored the article Gaining a New Perspective on Team Management: Steps for Empowering Your Team that was published in the December issue of Inside Dentistry.

In her years of practice experience, Dr. Spooner has been recognized as a subject matter expert in team retention. She has had numerous speaking engagements, published articles, and more.

In her most recently published article, Dr. Spooner discussed three steps that support practice success by empowering team members to become leaders within their own roles.

These three steps include:

  1. Delegation
  2. Structured Expectations
  3. Checkpoints

To review these steps in detail, access the online article here. Dr. Spooner’s article, and other content created by PDS-supported clinicians and PDS Institute faculty members, can also be viewed online at

Ashley Spooner, DDS

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Dr. Ashley Spooner graduated from University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine and is an owner dentist supported by Pacific Dental Services®. She has been honored with the National Society of Dental Practitioners Law and Ethics Award. To learn more about Dr. Spooner, visit

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