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Giving Back Through Dentistry

Recognizing two PDS®-supported owner dentists: Dr. Ashleigh Harrison and Dr. Jacob Dent

Great organizations should provide value to the community. That’s why Pacific Dental Services®, PDS®-supported clinicians, and team members feel that charity dental work is an important way we are uniquely qualified to help people in need.

Several PDS-supported clinicians were recently recognized for harnessing their passion for dentistry to make a positive impact on their communities. Take a look at how they are giving back through dentistry.

Dr. Ashleigh Harrison, PDS-supported owner dentist, was featured in Life-changing Dental Care for Those in Need, which was published by Efficiency in Group Practice. The article highlighted the donated dentistry Dr. Harrison completed for a woman named Juanita who lives in her community.

Charity Dental Work

Dr. Ashleigh Harrison and team provide dental care in their community.

Juanita was connected with Dr. Harrison through Donated Dental Services (DDS), a program of Dental Lifeline Network (DLN). The program matches prescreened patients with dentists who sign up in hopes of giving back through dentistry.

Before getting connected with Dr. Harrison, Juanita’s teeth were deteriorating, causing her pain, and affecting her confidence. After Dr. Harrison restored her teeth, Juanita had the confidence to smile again, which had a significant impact on her life. She said, “Since getting my new teeth, I have lost 43 pounds, I am off at least one third of my medications. I am more active and more social.”

Dr. Harrison was surprised at how convenient the process of giving back through dentistry was by signing up with DLN. She said, “I signed up online and was contacted within a few weeks. It’s similar to the mission work I’ve done, but I was helping people right here in my community.”

Dr. Jacob Dent, PDS-supported owner dentist, was featured in A World of Good. The article was published in the May issue of Dentaltown and highlights the many ways practices across the nation are giving back through dentistry.

Special Needs Dentistry

Dr. Jacob Dent provides special needs dentistry at his dental practice.

The Pacific Dental Services Foundation and Dr. Dent recently partnered to transform Dr. Dent’s PDS-supported dental office, Sugar Land Modern Dentistry. They opened a brand new practice dedicated specifically to special needs dentistry.

The article mentions, “This clinic provides special-needs patients with screenings, fluoride varnishes and night guards at no cost.” In addition to providing these services, the practice provides a sensory-friendly environment for special needs patients.

Dr. Dent also “hopes to train and educate as many families and health care providers as possible so this increasing population can receive sensory-friendly and state-of-the-art treatment.” To learn more about the practice and special needs dentistry, visit Sugar Land Modern Dentistry.

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