Inside Dentistry Features An Interview with Stephen Thorne

Stephen Thorne, Founder, President and CEO of Pacific Dental Services® was interviewed in the November 2012 issue of Inside Dentistry magazine. Inside Dentistry is one of the leading dental and oral heathcare publications.

Here is the introduction to “An Interview with Pacific Dental Services®  Stephen Thorne, Founder, President, and CEO:”

“INSIDE DENTISTRY (ID): Pacific Dental Services (PDS) was founded in 1994. Please share the background of PDS—how did you get the idea of starting a business that serves dentists?

Stephen Thorne (st): When I graduated from UCLA in 1989, I hadn’t planned to go into the dental industry. My venture into dentistry just evolved.

Because I was good with a computer, my father, who was a dentist, asked me to computerize his dental practice. I spent a great deal of time in his office learning the business side of the practice in order to get the computer system installed. As I helped him around the office, we were able to put systems and processes in place that had a significant impact. In a very short time, his practice grew by about 50%. A few months passed and a practice my father had previously sold was back on the market. The bank contacted my father to see if he was interested in buying it back. My father made me an offer: he would purchase the old practice if I helped to manage it and, in turn, he would share a portion of the profits with me when he sold it. That was my start into the business.

Over the course of four years, my father’s dental business grew from one practice to five practices. Eventually, I left my father’s practice and founded Pacific Dental Services in 1994. The first PDS-supported practice was opened in Costa Mesa, California, in June 1994.”

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