Improve Treatment Acceptance Using Motivational Interviewing

Dr. Sonny Chokka, PDS®-supported owner dentist and PDS Institute® faculty member, authored the article “Guide dental patients to accept treatment with motivational interviewing (MI)” that was recently published by Dentistry iQ.

In his article, Dr. Chokka discussed the art of MI, which helps patients identify and communicate what they value most in their dental treatment. According to Dr. Chokka, motivational interviewing (MI) is a counseling style that helps health-care professionals guide patients to recognize their own reasons for change, which can motivate them to commit to change.

So, what are the basic skills of MI? Dr. Chokka elaborates on the following “OARS” acronym in the article.

  • Open-ended questions
  • Affirmations
  • Reflections
  • Summaries

Perfecting these skills and the MI approach can help clinicians get a better understanding of what motivates their patients, which can better prepare patient and clinician for successful treatment planning.

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Dr. Sonny Chokka

About Dr. Sonny Chokka

Dr. Sonny Chokka graduated Loma Linda University in 1993. He is a graduate of Sirona Speakers Academy and is a multiple-office owner dentist supported by Pacific Dental Services®. In his 20+ years of practice experience, Dr. Chokka has been recognized as a subject matter expert in patient experience for enhancing case acceptance. He has had numerous speaking engagements, published articles, and more. To learn more about Dr. Sonny Chokka, visit his PDS Institute® faculty page.

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