Sirona’s CEREC® Omnicam

Representing Cutting-Edge Technology in Pacific Dental Services’ Supported Practices

by Dr. Bradford O’Neill, DDS – PDS®-Supported Owner Dentist

Dr. O’Neill states that:

Pacific Dental Services®’ (PDS) vision is to be a leader in providing supported clinicians with options for clinically-excellent healthcare tools and innovative management. They do everything in their power to support clinicians and team members, who are aspiring to provide the highest quality dental care to patients in PDS supported offices. As such, the company has taken steps to work with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that PDS supported clinicians have access to the latest and greatest technology available in the dental market.

CEREC by Sirona® is one of those advanced technologies that enhances the efforts of supported dentists at PDS.

The article originally appeared in Inside Dentistry by Dentalaegis. You may find the complete story here.

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