Time To Embrace Caries Management By Risk Assessment (CAMBRA)

Dr. Adam Burr, PDS®-supported owner dentist and PDS Institute® faculty member, authored the article CAMBRA: Leaving Behind the Stone Age that was published in the December issue of Dental Economics.

In his article, Dr. Burr discussed the treatment philosophy of caries management by risk assessment (CAMBRA) as well as its benefits and challenges. He also provides the following detailed steps each practitioner can take to successfully implement CAMBRA protocols in their practice:

  • Choose a CRA form to use.
  • Find suppliers and companies to provide any desired materials.
  • Choose CDT codes to implement first (consider D0601-603, D1354, and D9630).
  • Set fees to account for material and laboratory costs, the time to analyze the findings, and the time the team will spend administering treatment and educating patients.
  • Decide how to present the CAMBRA treatment option to patients.
  • Determine which team members will be responsible for treatments such as nutritional counseling, oral hygiene instructions, and collection of microorganisms.
  • Create defined systems to ensure patients are adhering to their treatment plans, such as follow-up testing and verification procedures.
  • Document the plan and present it to the team, along with intended changes, codes, and supplies.

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Adam Burr, DDS

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