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Dental Students Wanted

For any dental student or recent graduate, my door is always open, and I would love to share in the wonder and excitement of the dental profession together. For the past two years I have had the honor of having dental students from Southern California’s Western University School of Dentistry in my practice. I am an adjunct […]

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THE DENTIST IS IN: National Facial Protection Month

Imagine you are given 32 beautiful diamonds. They are priceless. They are beautiful and they cannot be replaced. In fact, these 32 diamonds are the only ones in the world. How would you treat these diamonds? How would you care for these treasures? Of course you would! You would fret about them. You would polish […]

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The Dentist Is In: Oral Cancer Awareness

There is a feeling that you get as a dentist, when you perform a dental exam and see a lesion like oral cancer. It is a painful feeling, that suddenly comes over you and there is a shift. Suddenly your intentions for this patient are no longer “when are we going to do the cleaning”, […]

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Dental Assistant Recognition Week is March 4-10

THE DENTIST IS IN:  Giving Thanks to Dental Assistants   I love the Isolite. It is definitely a revolutionary dental device. It’s neat how it pushes the tongue away and lights up the teeth. It is amazing technology but it will never take the place of my dental assistants. Dental assistants do more than retract […]

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THE DENTIST IS IN: Facially Generated Treatment Planning Workshop continued

The Spear faculty was careful to say it is not about this (the current way I practice) OR that (new ways to practice), it was about this AND that. It was about adding new ideas to my practice. They did not want me to change anything, because they said, “what we are doing at our […]

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THE DENTIST IS IN: Pacific Dental Services-affiliated Doctors Attend Spear Education Workshop

I walked across the courtyard, past the bubbling fountain, to the doors of the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. I paused. This place has changed so many dentists and their dental practices. This is the place that has influenced so many dentists to lead their staff to great change, which brought amazing dentistry to all manner […]

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The Dentist is In: What it Means to Partner with Pacific Dental Services (PDS)

  I love to tell the story of how I came to partner with Pacific Dental Services. It is the kind of story that puts things in perspective; t he kind of story that reminds me to be thankful. I love to tell the story, because it reminds me good things still do happen. In […]

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