The Wait is Over… Introducing CEREC® v4.0*

You may have heard about it or read about it, now the wait is over! The anticipated CEREC software 4.0 is finally here!

CEREC v4.0 is the most intuitive and advanced CEREC software to date. It represents the most progressive software since the initial release of CEREC 3D nearly a decade ago. CEREC v4.0 is more than an upgrade; it is a major enhancement and redesign of the CEREC software platform which brings better performance, better working tools, and a workflow that makes using CEREC better than ever.

Here are just a few of the highlighted features to look out for with the new CEREC 4.0 Software:

  • Multiple restoration designs that can be utilized in the same application.
  • Enhanced tools that will allow for direct modification on the restoration.
  • A workflow tool bar that allows the user to know the indicated design process.

For videos on CEREC v4.0, visit


About the author: Daniel Blandin is a CAD/CAM Support Specialist at PDS. This article was co-written with Andrea Lewis, Back Office Trainer, and originally appeared in PDS LIFE.

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