THE DENTIST IS IN: Facially Generated Treatment Planning Workshop continued

The Spear faculty was careful to say it is not about this (the current way I practice) OR that (new ways to practice), it was about this AND that. It was about adding new ideas to my practice. They did not want me to change anything, because they said, “what we are doing at our PDS-affiliated Private Practice + offices is highly successful.” They suggested that I find a way to add Facially Generated Treatment Planning to CEREC dentistry, to periodontal therapy, and moreover, to the Pacific Dental Services model of successful patient care.

By the 3rd day, I had come to know the faculty. I had grown comfortable talking about my weaknesses with my colleagues. The curriculum had begun to set in and I felt it was time for me to make a decision about all of these new thoughts.  In the last lecture, Dr DeWood implored us to find 1 patient a month that we would give our best stuff.  He said “Imagine what would happen if you could give one patient a month your best stuff?  What about one patient a week?  What about one patient a day?”  Up until the Spear Education course, I felt I had given the patient my best stuff.  I mean I do great CEREC restorations. I find periodontal disease. I refer to specialty. It’s just that now, with all that I learned at Scottsdale, my best has just taken a big jump up. I realized I could give more. The Scottsdale Center had changed me.

When I was a kid, my dad was (and still is, I might add) a progressive orthodontist. He would go to all kinds of CE courses. I could remember having epic times at the hotel as he would go to all these continuing education classes. I remember one course in particular. It was so powerful that my dad got the tapes and played it over and over again. (It was the 1980s). The presenter was Kendrick Mercer. I listened to those tapes so much as a child that they have stayed with me to this day. Kendrick (Rick) Mercer cast a vision of dental practice that was so amazing that I promised myself, when I grew up, I would become a dentist and practice this way.

The author with his wife, mom and dad aka the elder Doctor Darbro.

The Scottsdale Center has grown from those early days of Kendrick Mercer. In the 1990’s, I took Imtiaz Manji’s Leadership and Transition courses through Mercer Global Advisors. I would hear about how they were building the Scottsdale Center and how amazing it would be.  And here Iwas now, walking through the Mercer Cafe. It is always cool when plans come to fruition.

The Spear course I attended was challenging stuff. What they recommend is outside of my comfort zone. I argued with myself about whether to adopt these things into my practice and how it would play out, as I rode on the bus to the airport.  On the airplane, I went over the material in my mind. I took pictures of my smile with my iPhone and thought about photos in dentistry. Then, on the airplane, as we were about to land, I remembered my promise to myself. I remembered that promise of doing amazing dentistry. I remembered that promise I made when I was a kid listening to Rick Mercer tapes in my dad’s car.

I realized that Pacific Dental Services not only helped me make that promise come true, but they have redefined my vision of dental practice. They have refined my vision and my dream of dental practice. They have challenged me to go outside my comfort zones and reach for things that I thought I could never do just as the the faculty at Spear Education at the Scottsdale Center gave to me during the course of this workshop. I plan to take the challenge, and make the step into facially generated treatment planning and keep my promise to myself. *

About the author.

Dr. Darbro currently practices at Glendora Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics.  He has been practicing dentistry since 1996. He is married and has three children. He enjoys playing music,  studying/teaching the Bible, and vacationing in Hawaii.  Connect with Dr. Darbro via

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About Dr. Matthew Darbro DDS

Dr. Matthew Darbro graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry and has been practicing dentistry since 1996. He currently practices in Glendora Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics in Southern California. He has been leading CEREC® CAD/CAM study clubs for over two years in the Southern California area. He has been on the Citrus College Advisory Board for Dental Assisting and is also a Clinical Assistant Professor for Western University of Health Sciences. His passions include CEREC CAD/CAM, creating wellbeing in the dental field, and developing future dental leaders.