How to Help Those Affected by Wildfires in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico

The last couple of weeks have been devastating to the people of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.  Fires have caused mass destruction with people losing loved ones, animals, and their homes.  But in times of great tragedy come opportunities for inspirational Heroes.  The Rocky Mountain Region of Pacific Dental Services-affiliated offices has stepped up and been a Hero for the people of their communities. So far, including a $5,000 donation from Pacific Dental Services, they have raised over $13,000.  In addition, Pacific Dental Services has designed a special Rocky Mountain Region Rescue Shirt with 50% off the proceeds being donated to the Red Cross.

Photos contributed by Kevin Schieffer and Chris Bakkemo of the Rocky Mountain Region team:




Members of the Rocky Mountain Region team  have also opened up their homes to people who have nowhere to go and have donated countless items to the people in need.  The fires seem to be taking a turn for the better but now the challenge begins of rebuilding these devastated areas. We want to come along side the Rocky Mountain Region encouraging employees and friends of Pacific Dental Services to help.

If you would like to help, you can donate directly to the Red Cross at  If you like, select “Tribute Gift” and send an e-Card letting everyone know you’re thinking about your friends in Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah  and that you wanted to help.

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