Dentists Nationwide Attending the American Dental Association Annual Session in Las Vegas

Pacific Dental Services will be participating in this year’s American Dental Association Annual Session in Las Vegas. Please visit our booth at the Mandalay Convention Center.

The American Dental Association has been in existence since 1859, when it was founded by twenty six dentists representing various dental societies in the United States at a meeting held in Niagara Falls, New York. It has since grown to be the largest and oldest dental society in the world, encompassing over 157,000 members in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. As listed on its website, the Association’s goal is “to be a recognized leader on oral health.”

The ADA is run by its dentist members, and managed by an elected Board of Trustees and a House of Delegates. The Board of Trustees is the administrative body of the Association, and consists of the President-elect, two Vice Presidents, the President Treasurer, the Executive Director, and 17 trustees, one from each trustee district.

The House of Delegates serves as the legislative body of the American Dental Association, and consists of 473 members. Its members represent smaller associated dental societies in the United States, federal dental agencies, and the American Student Dental Association.

There are also 11 councils in the ADA, composed of members from the 17 trustee districts. Only the best dentists in an area can be considered for the role of council member. The councils’ purpose is to research specific issues related to oral health, from which to give recommendations to the ADA on policy making or policy changing.

Headquarters for the American Dental Association are located in Chicago, with an office also in Washington, D.C. Between them, the ADA employs over 400 people. There is also a website for the ADA online, providing a variety of informational resources and services, for professionals, students, and the public. Find a dentist in your area using the website, or learn about the latest scientific research.

As a leader and authority on oral health, the ADA reviews products and informs consumers of the healthiest and safest toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental flosses, mouth rinses, and more. Oral products bearing the ADA Seal of Acceptance can be trusted by consumers to be of quality and safe.

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