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Digital Impressions with Sirona’s CEREC® Omnicam

Reducing costs and increasing patient satisfaction

By Frederick Lee, DMD – PDS®-supported owner dentist at Hemet Dental Group and Orthodontics in Hemet, CA

Dr Frederick Lee

Dr. Frederick Lee is an early adopter of modern technology in the dental office setting. In this article, Dr. Lee discusses the new CEREC Omnicam, which shoots video instead of just taking still capture images. This is a significant improvement over the previous Bluecam.

Quoting from the article:

Omnicam has also made imaging significantly easier. Seasoned associates, new associates, and assistants can all easily image and design cases. The camera does not need to be held at a certain angle and is much smaller, making it easier to get in to the posterior areas. The Bluecam imaging system was dependent on powdering technique to produce a well-fitting, esthetic restoration. With Omnicam, there is no powder; only a clean, dry field is necessary. The restorations fit accurately with regard to occlusion, interproximal contacts, and marginal adaptation.

This article originally appeared in Inside Dentistry by dentalaegisRead the entire story here.

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