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Digital vs. analog restorations-what is the true cost of failure?

By Charles Rodgers, DDS – Vice President of Clinicians for Pacific Dental Services®


Dr. Charles Rodgers, DDS


This article focuses on doing what is best for a patient’s restoration: composite or amalgams? Digital vs. analog? The author asks the question, “Should the patient’s ability to pay affect the recommended treatments?”

Dr. Rodgers writes that:

To positively impact procedural results requires more consistent and predictable outcomes across large segments of patient care and procedure choices. It requires removing guesswork out of the hands of practitioners. It demands digital choices over analog whenever possible. Increasing ease of product use must also be a component of these procedures. All of these combined with reasonable and justifiable cost factors, the costs to initiate the technologies as well as the costs to integrate for maximum utilization.

This article originally appeared in Dental Economics by Dentalaegis. Read the entire story here.

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