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Dr. Vicuna and his Path to Ownership

Dr. Sergio Vicuna, PDS®-supported owner dentist and member of the Sacramento District Dental Society (SDDS), authored the article, “A Path to Ownership,” which was published in the October issue of the Nugget, the monthly publication distributed to all SDDS members.

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In this article, Dr. Vicuna shares the story of his personal career path following dental school and the benefits he has experienced as a Pacific Dental Services®-supported owner dentist.

After realizing his primary goal of setting up his family with more financial freedom and security, Dr. Vicuna knew that ownership and support from PDS was the route he wanted to take. This decision came after several years of experience as an Associate Dentist in the PDS-supported practice environment. In these first years as an Associate, Dr. Vicuna was exposed to numerous concepts that define the PDS PRIVATE PRACTICE+™ model, such as constant “emphasis on comprehensive care and patient experience” and a heavy investment in CEREC® CAD/CAM. Not only did the countless hours of continuing education affect his decision to partner with PDS, but so did the collaborative environment of supported dentists, specialists, and hygienists.  Dr. Vicuna says it felt as if he “groomed himself for the past ten years with this ever growing smart company and had no fear whatsoever to take the plunge of ownership”.

In less than two years, Dr. Vicuna now has a team of two associates, two hygienists, an oral surgeon, and an endodontist. We could not be honored and excited to be able to support you, Dr. Vicuna! Thank you for all of your mentorship and hard work!

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