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Group Practice: A Closer Look

Financial and administrative advantages mean group practice is on the rise

By Sudhakar R. Chokka, DDS – PDS®-supported Owner Dentist


Dr. Chokka writes:

It is the probably the dream of every dentist to one day own their practice. Private practice, or solo practice, accounts for the majority of how dental care is delivered in the United States. However, private practice dentists have fallen in number consistently over the past decade. In 2006, according to American Dental Association research, 76% of dentists were solo practitioners. In 2010, that number dropped to 69%. In the past 2 years, group practice has risen by 25%.

This article goes on to analyze the differences between private and group practice in dentistry, including the advantages and disadvantages. Read the entire story here.

The article originally appeared in Inside Dentistry by Dentalaegis.

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