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The following article provides insight into the changing trends within the dental industry. There is a good explanation of typical dental practice settings and where basic financial metrics fall. You will see a good explanation of the benefits of larger dental practices and how management companies alleviate some of the headaches and add value within this setting. This reasonably explains and helps confirm the logical existence of a dental management organization like Pacific Dental Services, Inc.

Please read the article below and feel free to come back and comment:
The Emergence of the Dental Practice Management Company
– By Thomas A. Climo, PhD, Courtesy of Dental Economics

What trends do you see happening in the dental industry? What pros and cons do you feel this brings upon the dental field? We would like to hear from you.


Dr. Charles Rodgers, DDS
Vice President of Clinicians

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Dr. Charles Rodgers – a PDS®-supported multi-office owner dentist – has been practicing dentistry since 1987 and serves as the Vice President of Clinicians at Pacific Dental Services®. He and his wife have been married for over 20 years and have four sons. Dr. Rodgers enjoys backpacking, running, fishing, riding motorcycles, and miniature gaming.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Dental Econonmics 101: Hire competent and ethical dentists and supervise offices to insure patients receive the care mandated by the State of California Dental Board or there is no license, no business, no practice. The dentist/owner with many offices should always remember the old saying 'When the cat is away the mice will play' or worse. It only takes one incompetent or unethical dentist hired by owner/dentist to result in problems.