PDS Goes Fully Digital – Electronic Dental Records In Every Office

Today we  announced that all 195 affiliated practices have migrated from paper charts to electronic dental records (EDRs). The technology is user-friendly because it mimics the way that providers have traditionally used paper charts. EDRs are fully integrated with existing practice management solutions, such as patient treatment plans, charges, insurance records, digital x-rays, appointments and billing. By incorporating EDRs, PDS affiliated owner doctors are now able to run their practices more efficiently while enhancing patient care.

Electronic Digital Charts“We are committed to providing dentists with state-of-the-art resources for their practices, and our affiliated dentists have seen a tremendous value in EDRs. Patients’ records are more precise, can be located quickly, and are backed-up to minimize the impact of catastrophic events. Furthermore, our PDS network is secure so patients can be assured that their privacy will continue to be maintained,” said Steve Thorne, Pacific Dental Services founder and president.

Digital Charts

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“Using EDRs has been such an advantage in running my practice. Ultimately, I was pleased that PDS offered my office the opportunity to make the transition to EDRs so that I can open a chart and study it from any workstation in my office. The time I would have spent locating my patients’ charts can now be allocated to treating the patients themselves,” said Lance Rygg, DDS. “Of course, the fact that EDRs are environmentally friendly, require less storage space, and are backed-up in the event of an emergency are also great benefits.”

Our goal is to allow dentists to concentrate on providing the highest levels of cost-effective patient care by providing business support services including human resources, marketing, daily operations, billing and collections, with ongoing educational training and strategic financial and practice development planning. The Company continues to grow, reporting a revenue growth of $102M, increasing from $178.8M in 2005 to $280.8M in 2008. Additionally, 136 new offices have been opened between 2005 and today increasing the number of employees and affiliated dentists to more than 3,000.

We are excited to be part of the modernization of dentistry and business. What other advancements in dentistry would you like to become a standard? Comment below and let us know where you think the world of dentistry is going or where you would like it to be.

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  • kristinmeyer

    It's exciting that we are able to lead the industry with digital charts that benefit patients, doctors and even the environment! Congratulations PDS!

  • What a great accomplishment. Well done everyone.

  • chrislorenz

    I know this was a long and arduous process both for our affiliated offices and for our IT department. Great job everyone.