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Q&A with PDS-Supported Dentist and Philanthropist Dr. Katie McCann

For today’s entry in our Q&A series with Pacific Dental Services‘ team members and supported dentists, I spoke with Dr. Katie McCann of Aurora Modern Dentistry in Aurora, CO. Dr. McCann is a PDS®-supported dentist and ardent philanthropist. Continue reading below to learn more about Dr. McCann and her passions.

Dr. Katie McCann


Sean Swentek: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Dr. Katie McCann: My name is Katie McCann and I am a multiple-office owner, based out of Aurora Modern Dentistry. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry in 2010 and have been supported by PDS since.

SS: What is your favorite part about being supported by Pacific Dental Services?

KM: I love the support, guidance, and opportunity for career growth. Under the guidance of other owner doctors, I have been able to expand into new offices as well as develop personally as a writer, speaker, and educator.

SS: What do you feel sets PDS apart? Is there a technology, system or belief that stands out?

KM: The investment PDS puts into technology and community services sets this company apart from others. I feel like a top clinician because I am constantly learning new materials and techniques to better serve my patients. PDS does the research on the new technology so I can feel safe using it. I am proud to tell my patients of the community service PDS participates in. I feel it humanizes me and helps me better relate to my patient family. When patients know you care about individuals and the community, they are more likely to trust in your services.

SS: What event, charity or cause are you most proud of?

KM: Traveling to Ethiopia is one of the highlights of my life. I spent 10 days serving the people of Ethiopia, providing donated dentistry and learning about the important work that charity: water is providing to bring safe, clean water to those in need. In addition to providing donated dental services, we were able to help educate the dental students at the Mekele Dental University so that they can help improve the oral health of the community long after we have left.  My office also raised $10,000 for charity: water thanks to our patients and team members, which funded a well to be built in a remote village in Africa.

SS: What are your hobbies outside of work?

KM: Water and snow skiing, working out, hanging with my dogs and travelling.

SS: Why should patients choose Aurora Modern Dentistry?

KM: My office provides a welcoming and safe environment where patients will feel in control of their oral health care and be compelled to improve it. I focus on patient satisfaction, Clinical Excellence, and efficiency so as to not disrupt a patient’s life, but to improve it.

Aurora Modern Dentistry

You may reach Dr. Katie McCann at PDS-supported Aurora Modern Dentistry. 10650 E Garden Dr, Ste 106, Aurora, CO 80012. (303) 366-5100.

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