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Root Canal Awareness Week 2014

Changing the negative perception of root canal therapy into something positive with the Perfect Patient Experience®

By Hamid Abedi DDS, MS

Dr Hamid Abedi

93 percent of general dentists agree that endodontists are important partners in delivering quality dental care. Within a PDS®-supported office, endodontists have the opportunity to partner with general dentists to take care of patients and provide pain relief through root canal therapy. We also have access to modern technology, providing same-day permanent restorations and fillings with CEREC® CAD/CAM technology.

The main challenge for the endodontic team is to work tirelessly to ensure that our patients have the Perfect Patient Experience® (PPE®) at the office. The endodontic team is very well versed in delivering the PPE. We have to set the bar high and be ready to do whatever it takes to deliver the PPE for every patient that requires our services. This challenge is often daunting. However, when a patient presents with swelling and pain, we have the opportunity to turn reluctant pessimists into relieved optimists and Patients for Life™. In fact, figures released by the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) show that 89 percent of patients polled after a root canal procedure say they were satisfied with their endodontist.

We are all familiar with the bad rap and negative connotations that accompany endodontic procedures. Root canals are popular fodder for comedians; they are often deemed worse than taxes and public speaking. In fact, a survey released by the AAE reveals that about 70 percent of patients ranked root canals as the procedure they feared most, more than having a tooth pulled or a cavity filled! Ironically, the same percentage also feared losing their tooth. Here now is a challenge that we can treat as an opportunity, and turning challenges into opportunities happens to be one Of PDS’ vision statements! There is nothing better for the endodontic team than hearing a patient say: “Was that it? “Are we already done? That was easier than getting a filling!”

The 8th Annual Root Canal Awareness Week runs from March 30-April 5, 2014. This is our chance as endodontists to turn patient reluctance into patient acceptance by putting the patient first and following the PPE.

For more information visit the AAE website.

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About Hamid Abedi DDS, MS

Dr. Hamid Abedi is a PDS®-supported endodontic specialist with over 17 years of experience. Dr. Abedi is also an Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University, where he earned his masters degree. Outside the office, Dr. Abedi enjoys cycling, films and spending time with his two children.
  • David Campbell

    Dear Dr. Abedi,

    I agree endodontic skills are the most discerning skill to evaluate in hiring. Every patient deserves a properly performed root canal, when the pulp is challenged and the root has good bone support. The specialists are invaluable in addressing those difficult cases.

    Yet, with the advent of implants, are retreatments wise, if no significant flaw can be found in the original treatment, even if done by a GP?

    David Campbell, DDS