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3 Secrets to Esthetic Restorations

Dr. Dhaval Patel, PDS®-supported Owner Dentist and Faculty Member for the PDS Institute®, recently presented a live webinar in early September for Dental Tribune’s DT Study Club, presented a breakout session during CEREC 30, and released a video animation of the content, which was based on his published work in Inside Dentistry.


Click here to watch the video and access additional information!


In the one hour webinar, “Demystify Anterior CEREC®: 3 Secrets to Esthetic Restorations,” Dr. Patel reviewed how to choose the right design technique for anterior CEREC restorations and how to achieve optimal aesthetic outcomes through post-mill contouring and staining and glazing.

Over 225 clinicians viewed Dr. Patel’s webinar and earned one CE credit for attending. While the majority of the audience was from the United States, over 30 people from 20 different countries spanning 5 continents also viewed the webinar!

Later in September, Dr. Patel also presented this content at the CEREC 30 event in Las Vegas, NV for a breakout session of around 700 people.

Following his presentations, Dr. Patel released an animated video summary, which provides a visual representation of these techniques.

Dr. Patel’s recommendations were also published in Inside Dentistry, including further detail on these three techniques. Two CE credits are available through AEGIS Publications upon completion of the quiz included on the webpage next to the article.

Click here to view the video and access additional information about the techniques.

Dr. Dhaval Patel

Dr. Dhaval Patel

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