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On February 5th, 2010 – PDS affiliated offices participated in the American Dental Association® (ADA) “Give Kids a Smile®” event to raise awareness about the importance of oral health. Forty PDS-affiliated offices – in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs, United Way, local schools, churches and homeless shelters – provided a day of free dentistry, including dental exams, digital x-rays, cleanings, fillings, sealants and extractions, to more than 400 children throughout California, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado.

“We are very proud of our affiliated offices that spent the day volunteering for children in need,” said Steve Thorne, Pacific Dental Services founder and president.

This was the fifth consecutive year PDS has participated in “Give Kids a Smile®,” “and below are a few of the stories that came out of this touching event.

We had a little boy named Joshua. He and his father were here at 7:35 for their 8am appt. Joshua needed 8 extractions and 4 fillings and was so sweet about it all. Jessica the dental asst was taking Joshua’s x-rays and he began to cry as he looked at them, Jessica noticed and said “Do your teeth hurt?” He said “yes.” Dr Hashemi after completing an exam decided it would be too much for the boy to go through all the work and asked if I minded if he brought Joshua back to complete the other half of his mouth on his own time. I said “of course”. Joshua’s dad works for very little delivering blankets to the homeless, and they don’t provide insurance to the members of the organization. He was so good during his treatment and his dad was so very thankful for what we had done for his son. I went to the operatory to check on Joshua and he was watching a movie with a ton of gauze in his mouth, I said “you did really good today Joshua”, he shook his head yes. This is the reason we do this event for kids just like Joshua.

Katrina Davis – Stockton

The day went great we saw nine kids.  We did have one boy from the homeless shelter that is 14.  When he was 8 he broke his front tooth so he doesn’t have anything there.  The root tip is still there but we’re looking to see if maybe we can help him in some way?  His mom left him 8 months ago.  He and his dad live in the shelter.  We had a lot of great kids did a lot of fills and sealants. Everyone had a lot of fun and the staff even had ponytails.

Sue Leverett – Hesperia 2

I know we were heartbroken when the first time anyone had shown one of our “kids” how to brush and take care of his teeth was when he arrived to our office at 15 years of age. I was so thankful we had bilingual staff on hand to assist and show them step-by-step. Our Doctors were very generous in their efforts to assist the children as much as they could. All the children left the office smiling and saying that going to the Dentist “wasn’t so scary after all. They also loved their kid-themed goody bags.

Nicole Armstrong – Thousand Oaks

These examples are just a snapshot of why “We Serve”

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Kyle Guerin is the Manager, We Serve at Pacific Dental Services®. We serve is all about using dentistry to make a difference in the world and in the hearts of those who serve. Kyle received his BA from Michigan State University and received his MBA from Vanguard University in SoCal. His passions include his wife, two sons, karaoke, and Detroit sports teams – not necessarily in that order.
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