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Smiles for Haiti

Dr. Reagan working his magic

“I had previously donated to the Red Cross to help Haiti and then I saw a special segment on CNN and I knew I had to do more.” said San Clemente Owner Doctor Darin Reagan.   That’s exactly what Dr. Reagan and his team at San Clemente Dental Group did.

The office decided that they would volunteer their services, come in on a Saturday and partner with their patients.  San Clemente Dental Group contacted their patients through e-mail and phone to offer an opportunity to receive previously diagnosed dentistry for a flat donation to the Red Cross in support of Haiti.

Dr Joe“We wanted to do something to make a difference and help those poor people and this was a way to get involved.” said Barb Vartanian office manager.  The office targeted patients who needed a crown or an onlay so that they could put their CEREC machine to work and provide patients with the “right fit” all in a day.

It was a great opportunity for the patient to get a great deal with a tax write-off, receive the dentistry they needed, and help someone in need.  Talk about a win, win, win for the patient.

group1-editDr. Reagan and his team were able to win as well because it allowed them to strengthen their relationship with their patients and use their talents to help others who desperately need assistance.  At the end of the day the San Clemente team was able to see 10 patients and raise $5,000 for the victims of Haiti.

Great work Dr. Reagan, Barb, and the rest of the San Clemente team.

You can also watch the above video on YouTube here:

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About Kyle Guerin

Kyle Guerin is the Manager, We Serve at Pacific Dental Services®. We serve is all about using dentistry to make a difference in the world and in the hearts of those who serve. Kyle received his BA from Michigan State University and received his MBA from Vanguard University in SoCal. His passions include his wife, two sons, karaoke, and Detroit sports teams – not necessarily in that order.
  • Bravo, Bros! keep going like this, more good info again.

  • thornes

    Thank you San Clemente Dental Group, lead by Dr. Reagan. What a great example of being the provider of choice in San Clemente by serving in a time of need.

  • kristinmeyer

    What a great concept! Thank you to the TEAM of San Clemente Dental Group for donating their time and resources to this cause! $5,000 raised in one day is definitely something to be proud of! 🙂

  • Matt Hall

    Dr. Reagan is the man! Tremendous heart shown by the entire San Clemente Dental Group team to volunteer their time and resources for this incredible cause. Sweet video too!

  • chrislorenz

    It was really fun visiting the office on that day. San Clemente Dental really knows what team work is. The vibe was great and everyone was motivated and positive (Not to mention that they had Starbucks and Donuts). The best part was that this was something that came straight from them. They took the initiative and got it done.

    Great job to the team, I am sure that I will be there with my camera again in the future. 🙂