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David Letterman Needs a Modern Dentist

President & CEO Steve Thorne

President & CEO Steve Thorne

It’s amazing to me that most dentists still practice dentistry the same way my grandfather did for 50 years; and he retired about 30 years ago!  Yes, bridges and partials were common practice for him.  I don’t believe he ever did an implant.  He used film to take x-rays (most dentists in America still use film).  He also sent his crowns out to laboratories and told his patients to come back two weeks later for a delivery, hoping that the patient’s temporary didn’t come off and the crown would fit.

Check out this video clip from David Letterman prodding at dentists in America for their deficiency in practicing Modern Dentistry (a concept that PDS is pioneering).  It’s an excellent commentary; a true patient’s viewpoint on what patients want from their dentist!  Patients don’t want goopy impressions.  Patients don’t want multiple visits.  Patients don’t want temporaries that simply fall off.  Patients want to be offered up-to-date techniques and the best possible care.  They deserve to have their dentist practicing Modern Dentistry. At PDS we are continually working to make sure that patients don’t have the same experience as Mr. Letterman.

To all of our colleagues in the world of dentistry, what advancements have you seen add real value to your patient’s experience?  What are ways that you have helped make your patients love coming back to your office?  If we can make going to the dentist an efficient and enjoyable experience for everyone; it’s a benefit for all!  Tell me your thoughts.

P.S. Mr. Letterman, I would love for you to experience true Modern Dentistry at any PDS affiliated office any time you want, compliments of me!

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  • Dentists need to constantly update their equipment and dental office to keep up with the times, otherwise, they will start losing dental patients.

  • This is funny I like it.

  • Letterman wants EXACTLY what we offer! This is great…