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Meet Marty Bautista – A Masterpiece at Pacific Dental Services

Have you ever met someone with the ability to instantly put a smile on your face? Marty Bautista is that person.


I had the distinct pleasure of meeting an amazing individual last week during the Lead Assistant meetings at Pacific Dental Services®’ National Support Center. Our introduction came about as a result of a chance encounter; I was busily snapping photographs of the meeting that Marty happened to be speaking in, when I suddenly found myself enthralled by her story. Marty had been unexpectedly called up to the stage at the front of the packed room by PDS® Founder, President and CEO Stephen Thorne. Steve had caught wind of Marty’s recent promotion to Regional Back Office Trainer (from Lead Dental Assistant) for the Desert Mountain Region and wanted to congratulate her in person. It should be noted that Steve knew of Marty because she emailed him directly to thank him for her promotion!

It quickly became obvious that this would be no ordinary speech. Marty had her trusty notebook with her, like she always does, and she began to pour her heart out to the over 200 dental assistants (and yours truly) in the room. It wasn’t long before most people were crying right along with Marty as she shared one of the most moving stories you’re likely to hear in your life. Her gratitude and humility were not lost on the audience, and she repeatedly thanked Steve for the opportunity and said it was a “dream come true” to be on stage with him.

Marty Bautista on stage with Stephen Thorne

Marty’s story is a truly amazing tale of dreams, determination, perseverance and ultimately success. Marty was born to a financially disadvantage family in El Salvador. Growing up, she saw that the women around her were not afforded many opportunities in life; they were expected to marry, have children and support their husbands. Marty had bigger dreams than this, and at 18 she embarked on her own to the United States. Throughout the next few decades, Marty compiled a notebook of aspirations and personal reminders to help her find her way on her journey. Marty’s notes are beneficial to anyone who ever has feelings of self-doubt:

I am special.
I am unique.
I have the potential to do great things.
My situation is not permanent. I have the ability to change my future.
What you put in is what you get out.
Stay grateful. Stay humble.

The one that really struck me though, and the thought that Marty cherishes most, is:

I am a masterpiece.

Marty recognizes that she was created as a unique individual, with talents only she possesses and with the ability to achieve anything she sets out to do. Now, 25 years into her dental career, Marty can proudly say that she has surpassed her wildest expectations and dreams from her childhood. Lest you think Marty hasn’t had time for life outside of working hard towards her goals, she is happily married with two grown children and recently started riding motorcycles. Marty told me she has “a bit of a wild side”.

She is indeed a masterpiece.

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Sean Swentek is the Social Media Strategist at Pacific Dental Services. He graduated from ASU, majoring in digital marketing. Sean spends his spare time managing his nonprofit organization, playing volleyball & golf, and exploring the latest health & fitness trends.
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    Having trouble posting my resume for the Operations Manager in San Antonio Tx

    Lindsey M. Brannick
    10470 Trailway Oak San Antonio, TX 78240
    A desire and willingness to provide exceptional corporate customer service; which exceeds beyond set expectations.


    •12 Years plus in the Administrative atmosphere; with Customer Contact — face to face — and via electronics
    • Additional expertise are listed as exceptional organization skills
      Great phone etiquettcy. Background knowledge in MSW and MS Excel; ABS — Windows/Characters
    Job Duties
    Oral Designs Dental Lab — Purchasing Agent                                    8/2013-04/2014
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    Smile Best Dental of Converse Tx — Patient Care Coordinator            7/2012 – 1/2013
    Daily finances with insurance verification.  Confirming patient’s appointments with personal information input to the software.  Occasional assisting the dentists with procedures.
    Dr. Warren E. Branch  —  Asst. Office Manager                8/2009 – 7/2011         
    Accounts receivable/posting of checks with insurance verification.  Daily and monthly close out with end of year revising.  Payroll submission and scheduling rotation of employees.

    Worthington Kilbourne– Columbus, OH. 8/1994— 6/1998
    School curriculum
    KAPLAN College— San Antonio, TX. —- 8/2000— 7/2001
    Associates in Dental Assisting with background in Administration

    Reference: Upon request

  • Great post, Sean!

    • Sean Swentek

      Thank you Naomi!

  • Lois Jenkins

    Marty is a masterpiece indeed, as GOD can create no less!!! Her words were an inspiration and Blessing to all who heard! Our hearts were full and our eyes moistened by the beautiful declaration that poured from her lips!!! Where there was hope lost, she made us hopeful. Where doubt resided, she introduced belief!!! Yes, Marty is a masterpiece indeed!!!

    • Sean Swentek

      Well said Lois!