A PDS Halloween Recap

We just wanted to quickly thank all of the PDS Affliated offices this year on making Halloween fun for both their staff and their patients. On our Facebook Page there were some great photo submissions and interaction. This coming year we hope to enable some more of that type of conversation and bring our PDS affiliated offices and industry peers a little closer together.

A PDS Halloween

That being said, our blog, Facebook and Twitter page are nothing without our great partners and peers help! Always feel free to upload photos, comment and ask questions on our online channels. These are YOUR pages! What do you want to know from us? What would you like to read about?

Tell us what we can do to make it easier and better for all of you to engage with PDS online.

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  • Kyle Guerin

    Those Halloween costumes sure do look fun but not nearly as much fun as the people who helped make a difference in Las Vegas. Those people look like they had a blast.

    • Oh Kyle,

      Shameless self promotion! I see how it is. 🙂

  • Dr Matthew Darbro

    So what’s different? Isn’t this the way we are suppose to dress everyday?

    Okay just kidding. Do love the pictures.

    Throw down for next year!

  • Kevin Sauer

    Looks like a lot of fun! I wish I could have been there but unfortunately work kept me out of the office. Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, etc. are all great ways of connecting PDS affiliated offices to the communities we serve. It’s pretty cool working for a company that leads the industry in so many ways.

  • Danielle Hawkins

    Photos look great! Can’t wait to see the creative ideas next year!

  • Matt Hall

    Great pics all around and it’s fun to see everyone enjoying the festivities. …the only day of the year that I can wear shorts and I had to suit-up for a conference… I’m already looking forward to the ideas people will create next year!

    • It’s true, we all do know how Matt loves himself some shorts and sandals for Halloween. We are going to need to start using our creative juices soon on costumes, we are running out of options!

  • Sarah Groft

    Love all the pictures, those Marketing Tailgaters sure look like they had a blast! 🙂