Adopt a Family 2007

Irvine, CA (December 21, 2007) – Pacific Dental Services (PDS), along with 65 of its affiliated dental offices, adopted 60 families, 27 individuals, and 1 orphanage to provide Christmas to a total of 267 people in need this Holiday season.  Partnering with 15 organizations, an orphanage and victims of the Southern California Wildfires, they provided clothes, toys, appliances, gift certificates and food to families in need.  PDS hopes this will create lasting Christmas memories for all the families they served.

Among the organizations with whom PDS partnered are SPIN ®(Serving People In Need), Beyond Shelter©, Volunteers of America© and Assistance League™.  PDS chose organizations based on criteria that would assist the recipients directly through a multifaceted approach.  Many of the organizations provide transitional housing and safe havens so parents and individuals may focus on learning responsibilities such as saving & budgeting, counseling, and career coaching.  As such, they become better equipped to provide for their families in the future.

Matt Hall, Director of Marketing said, “The core of our Mission Statement is that ‘We Serve’.  It was incredible to see our company come together this Christmas to serve so many people in need.”  PDS started their adopt-a-family drive in early November right after a company-wide fundraiser for the CA Wildfires.  “Our employees did a tremendous job assisting in multiple ways for the California Wildfires, and then they jumped right in to our Adopt-a-Family Christmas program.  Adopting families became very personal and our employees were touched by the responses, photos, and letters from the families served.  We’re blessed with so much and we can’t lose sight of giving back.”

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