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Seth Godin Leading Off The ShowAre you indispensable? That is the question that legendary marketer Seth Godin asks in his new book “Linchpin”. Imagine if suddenly there was a dental office on every corner of every street, or the dental market became saturated with a product that you were making. How would you succeed, what would you do to be indispensable? February 11th Seth made a rare trip to Orange County and spoke to 800+ of us at the St. Regis in Dana Point. I was given the amazing opportunity to photograph the event and listen in on Seth’s words of wisdom.

“Become an artist” was Seth’s driving point the entire night. Art isn’t about just using brushes and painting, it’s about doing “emotional work”. Work that you pour yourself into and that you are passionate about.  Creating that connection with your patient, modeling that CAD/CAM crown and laughing with your staff can be art. It shows you care, and in a world where word of mouth is driving business, showing you care can create an exponential amount of new patients and hopefully make your work life more enjoyable.

Seth's Famous SocksWhen I first started with Pacific Dental Services 3 years ago the Dental Industry was a much slower beast. Most marketing was done with traditional local ads and postcard mailers. Online, things were a little more innovative but still way behind other fast paced industries. Now it’s 2010 and things are changing rapidly, our patients are demanding value, dentistry is becoming much more competitive. Business used to be about talking about how valuable your service was; now it’s about proving it.

Go Make ArtYou can quote me when I tell you that business has changed forever. With the adoption of social tools and mobile on the rise, the practices that offer the best experience for their patient and employee will become indispensable. How great is that? Those who do “emotional work” reap the reward.

How are you and/or your practice going to be a Linchpin in 2010? How is your business or place of work going to be the one where people see value?

Tell us how you will be indispensable in 2010 and comment below! Now go “make some art”!

I want to give a special thanks to Bryan Elliott who managed to put this event together in grass roots style. He is truly a Linchpin. To see the rest of the photos from the event visit my posterous page

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  • Hey Chris,

    Great article, Keep up the good work and keep creating beautiful art in your work.

    Scott Sornbutnark