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Changing Times

PDS®-supported owner dentist, Dr. Michael Perpich, recently received the Leadership Article award from the International College of Dentists for his “Changing Times” article. This was published last year in Northwest Dentistry, the journal of the Minnesota Dental Association (MDA).

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The award recognizes “the author of the most outstanding article or editorial that encourages dentists to become involved in leadership positions and/or other activities within their profession.” It was presented to Dr. Perpich by MDS Executive Director Camelo Cinqueonce at the American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists conference in Washington, D.C.

This his article, Dr. Perpich recognizes that “there is change coming for our profession, and sitting idly by is not an option” (Perpich). Dr. Perpich is passionate about ensuring organized dentistry remains relevant and that all dentists are provided with the appropriate resources to advance professionally. Dr. Perpich’s enthusiasm and eagerness to embrace the constantly shifting progressive ideas in the dental field is nothing short of inspiring and his “Changing Times” article is a must read!

Perpich, Michael. “Changing Times.” President’s Message. January-February 2014 7 (2014): 7. Web. 3 Dec. 2015.

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