Going Social at CDA ’09

Scott our Recruiting Manager, dealing cards to the finalists.

Scott our Recruiting Manager, dealing cards to the finalists.

On May 15th, we left our home base in Irvine to attend the California Dental Association (CDA) Convention in nearby Anaheim.  Though it was a work event we had a great time talking, playing blackjack, and communicating via social media with those who attended.

Looking for top tier talent, Ken Davis, VP of Business Development, and Kevin Sauer, Professional Recruiting Manager, spoke with many dentists who visited our booth in hopes of joining our Team.  They provided insight on positions available as well as long-term ownership potential.  Scott Sornbutnark (@pacdenrecruiter), our Recruiting Manager, spoke with front and back office staff who were also interested in possible employment opportunities.

Sarah Groft our PR/Marketing Specialist presenting the prize.

Sarah Groft our PR/Marketing Specialist presenting the prize.

This year we really wanted to try something different at the CDA and break away from traditional booth marketing.  We have really begun to embrace the world of social media at PDS™ and have learned a great deal in the process.  After some brainstorming we decided to hold a daily Twitter tournament at our booth for a chance to win a PDS branded Poker Set.  Throughout the day, people were asking if they could join in on the fun.

The reception from Twitter was great. Not only did we have people interested in what we were doing from different industries but we had a lot of buzz from CDA contributors and visitors. We had some fun dialogue with 3M’s Karen Sullivan (@3mespe_impregum), who was constantly tweeting and sharing info with us throughout the weekend. Also, Kevin Henry (@kgh23) the Managing Editor of Dental Economics stopped by our booth after seeing our tweets. Kevin is a tech savvy avid twitter user and also a really nice guy. Dental Economics also runs a great dental blog at www.dentistryiq.com

Kevin Henry (@kgh23) and Karen Sullivan (@3mespe_impregum) at the 3M booth.

Kevin Henry (@kgh23) and Karen Sullivan (@3mespe_impregum) at the 3M booth.

The CDA this year was a great success.  We talked to some talented dental professionals and made lasting connections, all while enjoying the convention.  The dental industry is changing in many ways. One of the most apparent is technology. Not only are the equipment and systems improving at light speed but so is communication. The tools that technology have provided us allow a direct feed into our industry.  We can’t wait until the next event for more people and companies to join in on the conversation.

Let us know what experiences you had at this year’s CDA! Did you have any fun or exciting moments from the weekend? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • Thanks Mike and Charles, we are glad you enjoyed. Hope to see you at the next CDA!

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    I did not get a chance to visit the CDA this year but it looks like it was fun. Thank you for sharing. Maybe I will see you next year.