Las Vegas Makes A Difference

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”
-Lily Tomlin

Owner Doctor Cari Callaway Beautifing the Streets.

Owner Doctor Cari Callaway Beautifying the Streets.

The Las Vegas region had plenty of somebodies; 30 to be exact. All ready to make a difference in their community. It was “Make a Difference Day” and the Las Vegas Region partnered with the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada (an affiliate of the Hands on Network) to help beautify a local neighborhood.

“Make A Difference Day” is a national day of volunteerism and is known as America’s largest day of doing good. Last year, 3 million people across the country made a difference in their communities by completing thousands of projects to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

The Las Vegas Region and their families lent a hand in repainting curbs, fire hydrants and light posts. Promoting their offices with their new “Got Teeth” T-shirts, our Las Vegas team was ready to start the day.

“Every day we have the opportunity to impact the communities that support our teams. Volunteerism is a great way to thank those communities and give something in return.” - Terri Reitz Kraus

“Every day we have the opportunity to impact the communities that support our teams. Volunteerism is a great way to thank those communities and give something in return.” - Terri Reitz Kraus

Specialty Team Lead Terri Reitz Krauss and Regional Manager Terri Yannone were instrumental in working with the team and promoting the event amongst their offices. Serving is an important part of the PDS culture and the Terri’s are a great example of that.

The community was very grateful to all of the PDS participants for getting up early on a Saturday and making a difference in their neighborhood. Once the job was done; the morning ended with a bounce house for the kids and a community BBQ; which was the neighborhoods way of saying thank you.

This is my opportunity once more to say thank you to the Terri’s and to the Las Vegas Region for making a difference!

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About Kyle Guerin

Kyle Guerin is the Manager, We Serve at Pacific Dental Services®. We serve is all about using dentistry to make a difference in the world and in the hearts of those who serve. Kyle received his BA from Michigan State University and received his MBA from Vanguard University in SoCal. His passions include his wife, two sons, karaoke, and Detroit sports teams – not necessarily in that order.
  • Sarah Groft

    Way to go Team Las Vegas! Huge thanks to Terri Yannone for supporting her team to get involved and pushing them to be prepared. We were able to order office t-shirts custom to each office not only for this event but all upcoming Community Marketing opportunties they participate in. Love the picture with the matching shirts, really shows how many people came out to help and that you ALL support the Las Vegas community as a Team and as their “Hometown Dentist”! Keep up the great work!

  • Nicole Brown

    We had such a great time helping out the community that morning! I think the best part of the experience was seeing all the children that were participating not only from the neighborhood but those that were with PDS team members as well. I think it was a great learning experience for them. Thanks to everyone that participated!

  • Terri Krauss

    Hi Chris,

    We had a great time painting and taping and meeting the residents of the area we worked in. As we walked down the street we would smile and say hello to the neighbors. They asked what we were doing, we explained our projects for the day. It was interesting to see the number of residents who then came outside and started sweeping sidewalks and cleaning up their yards. Showing an interest in that community and volunteering our time seemed to really make a difference in their lives and that neighborhood! 🙂

  • Terri Krauss

    Thanks again to all of the team members that participated! We had a great time and enjoyed getting to know the residents of the community we were serving.
    Go TEAM VEGAS!!!

    • Hey Terri! Great job on bringing everyone together there in the Las Vegas area. Let us know if you have any great stories or insights you would like to share on the blog, we would love more content!

      Thanks again,

      Chris Lorenz
      New Media Developer
      Pacific Dental Services