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Oral Systemic Health and The Big Three

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Dr. Jamie Toop, PDS®-supported owner dentist and PDS Institute® faculty member, collaborated with Tom von Sydow, vice president of strategy and platform development for surgical services at PDS, to co-author the article, “Oral Systemic Health and THE BIG THREE,” which was published in the December issue of Dentaltown.

In this article, the authors outline the top three oral-systemic associations that dental practitioners should be most comfortable talking about with patients: heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The connection between oral health and systemic conditions is now widely recognized by both medical and dental practitioners. Dr. Toop and von Sydow discuss these connections and the potential impact in health outcomes and health care cost savings that could be achieved through the treatment of periodontal disease. The authors also provide an overview of action that has been taken at the university level and recommend five simple steps that every practitioner can follow to take action as oral health care providers.

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Dr. Jamie Toop - Headshot

Dr. Jamie Toop, PDS-supported Owner Dentist and PDS Institute Faculty Member

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Tom von Sydow, Vice President of Strategy and Platform Development for Surgical Services

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