Our Search For Top Candidates

Starting this month our recruiting team will be flying across the country to different schools, events, and conferences.  We actively travel to, and recruit from, 20+ dental schools across the country. Why spend so much time on the road? Well, because there are many great and talented dentists that come from each and every school. Between “lunch and learns”, vendor fairs and conferences we find the select few dentists that will join the PDS affiliated offices.

Did you know that PDS affiliated Owner Dentists hire new grads directly out of school? Even for those dentists that don’t join directly after graduation, we often will keep in contact regarding future opportunities when the fit may be better or the time is right. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship and form a career path for our affiliated dentists, at times that means waiting until they have more experience or a position in a certain location opens up.

After graduation I am often contacted by dentists that are frustrated because at the time they are applying we may not have opportunities for them in an area they desire.  As PDS grows as a company, more opportunities arise every day. Job postings at PDS generate more than 350 dentist’s applications per month.  For new grads and experienced dentists alike, the process is tough.  Again, just because an opportunity isn’t right for you now doesn’t mean that it won’t be right in the future.

A major perk for dentists at PDS affiliated offices is the amount of coaching, training, and classes that are available (for new grads and experienced dentists alike).  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide training for associates and provide CE for them.  We do all we can to set our affiliated dentists up for success!

Here are the qualities that we look for in our candidates:

  • Dentists that are clinically sound and produce quality dentistry.
  • People that are coachable. PDS has created a world class system for coaching and training dentists and staff members. This is done through CE (AGD Certified Courses), mentorship, or clinical guidance from the owner doctor.  Dentists are trained in the “soft” skills: how to overcome objections, how to connect better with patients, etc.
  • The most important quality is an ability to connect with people.  You can be the best dentist in the world (clinically), but it is irrelevant if your patient doesn’t like or trust you.
  • The best candidates have the ability to accept and implement coaching, a positive team spirit, and strong production speed while connecting and creating a great experience for the patient.

We told you what we expect; now let us know what you expect out of us! What would your ideal dental opportunity offer you? Please feel free to comment and ask questions, we would love to hear what you have to say.

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