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A Helping Hand To Dress For Success Houston

On Saturday May 16th, PDS®-supported doctors and team members from the Gulf Coast Region, along with the PDS Serve Foundation™, partnered with Dress For Success (DFS) Houston. We provided over $42,000 in donated dentistry, which included cleaning, fillings, oral surgery, and CEREC® crowns to 80 local women. This was my first opportunity to work with DFS and the PDS Serve Foundation on their Mobile Dental Clinic.

Dress for Success Houston Mobile Dental Clinic and team

The day started early at 6 AM getting set up and ready for our first patients at 7:30. The ladies began arriving and everyone sprang into action. Each person had her own story about why they were there, why they were seeking help, and what their dental goals were for the day. They ranged widely in age and race, but were all alike in their appreciation of our service. More than one said, “I cannot believe y’all are giving up your Saturday to come help us!”

One patient stood out, however. She was a substitute high school teacher who needed SRP’s and a crown. When I asked how I could be of service, tears immediately began falling down her face. Overwhelmed with joy and appreciation, she hugged me before even answering my question. In fact, everyone on the bus got a hug, along with multiple selfies with her!

What she said then will stay with me forever. “When I got the email about y’all coming here, I thought it was a trick. I could not imagine why anyone would want to help me for free. Honestly, I have been in  a very dark place lately, and I have been considering ending my life because I could not see any reason to go on. But after today, my hope has been renewed—y’all did that for me.”

There were no words I could say at that moment. I never imagined a simple act of charity and personal sacrifice of my time could impact another person’s life to that magnitude. She gave me another big hug after seeing her new crown, cried a little more, and thanked us over and over.

It’s moments like this that make getting up early on a Saturday morning and giving my time and services to others in need meaningful and worth more than any dollar amount. We all worked hard, but were all blessed by what we received back from these ladies, as well.

Meet Dr. Dent and his team

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About Jacob Dent, DDS

Dr. Jacob Dent is a PDS®-supported multiple-office owner dentist at Sugar Land Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics. He also sits on the PDS Serve Foundation® advisory board, consulting on dentistry for special needs children. Dr. Dent graduated from LSU and has been practicing dentistry for over 11 years. He is very active in supporting charitable organizations in his area and loves spending his spare time at the ballgame with his family.